Being stuck at home when you’re dreaming of traveling the world can feel pretty grim. There are many ways to get some travel vibes — going through the last trip photo album, planning your next adventure or discovering new places with virtual tours.

Well, the airline industry has come up with some innovative ideas for stir-crazy travelers to cure their wanderlust.

Buy a ticket to… nowhere

Origin is now your destination? Confused? Keep reading… Qantas is organizing a seven-hour “flight to nowhere”. Passengers can enjoy the Great Southern Land scenic trip in a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, departing and arriving at Sydney airport. It proved to be a hit as tickets for the first flight were sold at record-breaking speed: less than 10 minutes! All passengers had to go through normal airport security checks, temperature screenings, and normal boarding processes. The experiment is a trendsetter since several other airlines like Taiwan’s EVA, Singapore Airlines, and Japan’s ANA are all offering “flights to nowhere” or are about to launch them. So, if you have some extra cash and itchy feet for travel you can book a “flight to nowhere” and experience the unexpected.

Book a dinner date… in a plane

The concept is new, but the response is amazing. Singapore Airlines recently launched the experience of dining in a plane. Dinner is served in the Airbus A380 parked at Changi airport. All the tickets for the first two days in October were sold out in less than half an hour! ‘Passengers’ were served standard airline food and could also enjoy a couple of alcoholic drinks along with over 1,000 entertainment options including movies and music. The carrier also promised to a peek at some of the private access areas that passengers usually don’t have access to. This definitely brings date night to a whole new level.

Get airplane food… delivered at home

Yes, you heard it right… you can now order onboard meals for home and help airlines survive during this global pandemic. Several inflight caterers are offering home delivery with a large food menu including Dutch stroopwafels, banana bread, and ice-cream sandwiches to name a few. So, if you want to re-create the taste of a trip that you might have canceled due to the pandemic, you can get the in-flight meal delivered at home. Maybe not the most delicious treat you can get, but certainly one way to cure that wanderlust.

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