Stuck at home but with itchy feet for travel? Here are few tips on how to cure your wanderlust.

Plan your next holiday

Although this idea might seem a bit goofy, what you can do to bring back the travel excitement is to plan the trips for the parts of the world you’d like to visit soon, or for that big, once-in-lifetime trip.

Part of the fun of travel is the planning itself — when you begin to research and dream about the places that you’re off to see. So, when the day arrives, everything will be ready.

Visit a museum online

You can do a virtual tour around these museums and galleries straight from your couch. Google has a 500+ collection of places to do a virtual tour and browse through their exhibits. Here is a list of our top 5 picks.

Animal lover? Check these video streaming zoos.

Many zoos around the world offer live cams of their animals that can be watched any time throughout the day. A great way to entertain the whole family and even explore the wildlife.

· Pandas: Atlanta Zoo

· Penguins: Edingburg zoo

· Safari experience (including Zebra!): Tsavo East National Park, Kenya

Cook some local dish from your last holiday destination

Ceviche, Ramen, Crepe or Moussaka? Difficult choice.

First, note down the ingredients you need to get in your next trip to the supermarket. Then, spoil yourself with a home-made dish from your last holiday destination. Finally, pair the dish with a tour around the photos you took there (and most probably you didn’t open since).

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