With the latest app release, we are making your trips easier with some major improvements and a new feature – a digital assistant to help you with trip alerts and services at every step of your trip.

What's new?

Updated trip display

We’ve improved how your trips are displayed, making it easier to find quickly the information while on the go.

No more passwords

Sign up and log in with an email sent to your email, so you can forget your password, forever.

New feature: a digital travel assistant

We’ve added a digital assistant that can help you along your trips. You can ask the assistant to send you the weather forecast, or help you book travel extras, such as airport transfer, lounge, or a sightseeing tour for your trip.

To get started, open the chat with your assistant and type your question.

The assistant can help you add your trips – simply follow the instructions to import your trip with a booking number or your flight details. If you prefer, you can also forward your booking reservation to trips@checkmytrip.com and we will automatically add the trip for you.

CheckMyTrip will be available via app only

Our mission is to help you stress less during your trips, by having all the trip information in one place. That’s why we’ve decided to focus on improving your experience in the app and with our new release CheckMyTrip will no longer be available on the web.

Why should I use the app?

  • Receive real-time notifications about your trip
  • See your full trip itinerary, even if you don’t have access to the internet
  • Access a virtual travel assistant to help you along your journey

Can I provide feedback about the new app?

Yes, please! You can send us your comments at feedback@checkmytrip.com