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CheckMyTrip is your digital travel assistant, bringing you trip itinerary, flight alerts, travel services and extras in one place to get you smoothly from door to door.

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Adding trips is easy

3 simple ways to add and organize your itinerary details

Forward booking confirmation e-mails to

Ask your assistant to import the trip automatically by using your booking reference number

Send the trip details to your assistant to create the trip for you

All the travel info you need, in one app

Manage your trips

View each trip as a single itinerary with all your bookings, including flights, accommodation, car rental and train.

Instant trip notifications

Receive real-time updates on your flight bookings for FREE, including delays, cancellations and terminal changes.

Book extra travel services

Quick access to travel extras like transfers, activities and airport lounge access, wherever you are in the world.

Get personalized suggestions

Access personalized trip updates and recommendations directly in the chat with your digital assistant.

Offline access

Access your trip itinerary whenever you need it - even while offline.

All the travel info you need, in one app

CheckMyTrip has an extensive partner network to bring you all the information you need during your trip, in one place.

  • Real-time flight tracking
  • Travel rules and regulations
  • Weather forecast
  • Quickly book extra travel services
  • Recommendations for local activities

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